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When you use "he" or "she" or "these critics," will your reader have to pause to figure out who all these people are? We often throw in a "this" when we're not entirely sure exactly what we want to draw our readers' attention to, especially when we're making a complex argument with many different elements.

Sometimes vagueness in our language can be a symptom of muddled thinking. So ask yourself, what does this "this" refer to? What words would I replace it with?

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If you're not easily able to answer, you need to go back and work out your ideas in that section. Readers will never understand what you mean when you don't know yourself. When you notice vague referents, or other apparently minor problems, take the opportunity to ask yourself if there might be any larger problem lurking beneath your surface error.

See below. And while you're at it, consider whether you're twisting your sentences around to avoid any other grammatical points you're uncertain of. If so, take control! Liberate yourself! Learn the rules once and for all so you can write freely, instead of skulking around trying not to break the rules-or breaking them without realizing it.

Using or Not Using the Serial or Oxford Comma in Your Thesis or Dissertation A serial or Oxford comma is the comma that appears immediately after the penultimate item in a series or list when a conjunction separates that item from the last item.

It is therefore essential when you are writing and submitting parts or all of your thesis or dissertation for commentary or examination to check any stylistic instructions you have been given for an indication of whether you should use the serial comma or not. If you receive no guidance on the matter, you will need to decide whether using or not using it will be best for the presentation of your work. Traditionally, the serial comma has been used particularly in American English and by US publishers, but it is also the preference of Oxford University Press, which is why it is known as an Oxford comma, and some other UK publishers have adopted its use as well.

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Communicating effectively is as much about punctuation as it is about vocabulary.

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Knowing which words help you to express yourself clearly is important, but how the message gets across can be hugely impacted by choices in punctuation. Understanding this and mastering proper grammar usage can help to make communication more effective and more entertaining since it frees you up to express yourself with clarity and humor.

In many cases, understanding basics, such as comma usage, is fairly straightforward. Sometimes, however, it can become a tricky issue, depending on the words you want to use.

Understanding when to use a comma when using because means understanding exactly what you want to say.

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Simply put, comma placement can determine the message your writing conveys.It is a bird of prey. It is very cunning. The common plundering birds are the kite, the seagull, the kingfisher etc. They have keen eyes, sharp claws, nails, and sweeping nature. They swoop down upon their praise and carry it away. The dove, the pigeon, the snipe, the heron, the bittern, the partridge, the teals etc are game birds.

The dove is a mild bird. Bangladesh is blessed with many artists and poets. Being a small country Bangladesh is still the most densely populated country all around the globe. According to statistics in the year the total population of Bangladesh is above million people. Bangladeshis faces a lot of financial crisis. Many old traditions are followed by the local residents. Some diversification of the economy is possible.

Natural gas essay on common birds of bangladesh might be used in the production of fertilizers. The country suffered grievously during its war of independence.

Using or Not Using the Serial or Oxford Comma in Your Thesis or Dissertation

Disruption of transport and of thousands of villages and settlements added to the misery and horror that followed the war from which the country has not since completely recovered. I Indian nuthatch. J Red junglefowl. K Brown-winged kingfisher Ruddy kingfisher Stork-billed kingfisher Brahminy kite. L River lapwing Singing bush lark Sand lark.

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N Large niltava. O Brown fish owl Buffy fish owl Brown wood owl. Hospital waste: There are about healthcare centers in Dhaka city that includes hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental hospitals etc.

But inadequate waste management systems in these healthcare facilities are posing a serious threat to public health as well as to the environment. Disposable syringe, needles, blood- essay on common birds of bangladesh pads, used blood bags and such other materials from more than 98 per cent of the health care are simply thrown in the open dustbins.

The disposal of such hazardous portion of wastes from hospitals into public waste disposal system exposes the people to serious health risk. Hazardous and toxic wastes: Very limited data is available on the hazardous and toxic wastes in Bangladesh. In most cases, the chemicals are disposed on land as part of the solid waste, parts of which are then collected and recycled. Exceptions are the pulp and paper and cement factories - these emit most of the chemical to air.

However, it essay on common wealth games quite likely that a significant part of the land pollution eventually ends up in water through direct runoff and seepage. Unfortunately, no information is available on the ultimate fate of these toxic chemicals. Proper business policy must be maintained. It must maintain that right thing in the right place.

Industry must removed from residence are. Boiler system must be developed in every industry. Drainage system must be developed. Conclusion: Environmental pollution is a global issue. In Bangladesh, the problem requires special attention and address because we are heading towards a disaster as our environment is now in a very adverse condition. If we want to live a healthy and peaceful life and a sound and better living, we must prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.

Topics In This Paper. See Also Pollution and Environment Read More. Rivers of Bangladesh