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Space -to-ground optical communication systems can benefit from reducing the size, weight, and power profiles of space terminals. One way of reducing the required power- aperture product on a space platform is to implement effective, but costly, single- aperture ground terminals with large collection areas.

In contrast, we present a ground terminal receiver architecture in which many small less-expensive apertures are efficiently combined to create a large effective aperture while maintaining excellent receiver sensitivity. This is accomplished via coherent detection behind each aperture followed by digitization. The digitized signals are then combined in a digital signal processing chain.

Experimental results demonstrate lossless coherent combining of four lasercom signals, at power levels below beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file.

Polarization control of non- diffractive helical optical beams through subwavelength metallic apertures. We demonstrate experimentally a simple method for beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi non- diffractive vectorial optical beams that can display wave-front helicity.

This method is based on space -variant modifications of the polarization of an optical beam transmitted through subwavelength annular rings perforating opaque metal films. We show how the description of the optical properties of such structures must account for the vectorial character of the polarization and how, in turn, these properties can be controlled by straightforward sequences of preparation and analysis of polarization states.

Diffractive optical elements for space communication terminals. The potential of diffractive optical elements for advanced laser communication terminals has been investigated. In addition, we present a design example of a miniaturized terminal including diffractive optics. Colorimetry is also introduced in this chapter, presenting the fundamentals of the RGB and CMY color spacesdefined for.

Beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file

Daris, a low-frequency distributed aperture array for radio astronomy in space. Because of the Earth's ionospheric disturbances and opaqueness, this frequency range can only be observed from space. One-dimensional scanline data about fracture spacing and size attributes such as aperture or length are mostly considered in separate studies that compute the cumulative frequency of these attributes without regard to their actual spatial sequence.

In a previous study, we showed that spacing data can be analyzed using lacunarity to identify whether fractures occur in clusters. However, to determine if such clusters also contain the largest fractures in terms of a size attribute such as apertureit is imperative that beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi about the size attribute be integrated with information about fracture spacing. While for example, some researchers have considered aperture in conjunction with spacingtheir analyses were either applicable only to a specific type of data e.

Lacunarity is a technique for analyzing multi-scale non-binary data and is ideally-suited for characterizing scanline data with spacing and aperture values. We present a technique that can statistically delineate the relationship between size attributes and spatial clustering. We begin by building a model scanline that has complete partitioning of fractures with small and large apertures between the intercluster regions and clusters. We demonstrate that the ratio of lacunarity for this model to that of its counterpart for a completely randomized sequence of apertures can be used to determine whether large- aperture fractures preferentially occur next to each other.

The technique is then applied to two natural fracture scanline datasets, one with most of the large apertures occurring in fracture clusters, and the other with more randomly- spaced fractures, without any specific ordering of aperture values. The lacunarity ratio clearly discriminates between these two datasets and, in the case of the first example, it is also able to identify the range of scales over which the widest fractures are clustered. The technique thus developed for. Fraunhofer diffraction from a ring aperture with a spiral phase transmission function: numerical and analytical studies.

Retabulation of space group extinctions for electron diffraction. The space group tables previously published by one of the authors and others are here presented in a revised and compacted form designed to make for compatability with existing tables for Beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file diffraction.

Thronson, Harley A. Of these priority science goals, the most technically challenging is the search for spectroscopic biomarkers in the atmospheres of exoplanets in the solar neighborhood.

An EDRM allows the engineering design trade space to be explored in depth to determine what are the most demanding requirements and where there are opportunities for margin against requirements. Our reference designs have emphasized a serviceable segment 9. As part of our cost-management effort, this particular reference mission builds upon the engineering design for JWST. Moreover, it is scalable to a variety of launch vehicle fairings.

Performance needs developed under the study are traceable to a variety of additional reference designs, including options for a monolithic primary mirror. Characterising rock fracture aperture-spacing relationships using power-law relationships: some considerations. The size-scaling of rock fractures is a well-studied problem in geology, especially for permeability quantification. The intensity of fractures may control the economic exploitation of fractured reservoirs because fracture intensity describes the abundance of fractures potentially available for fluid flow.

Moreover, in beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis engineering, fractures are important for parameterisation of stress models and excavation design. As fracture college essay introduction paragraph is often collected from widely- spaced boreholes where core recovery is often incomplete, accurate interpretation and representation of fracture aperture -frequency relationships from sparse datasets is important.

Fracture intensity is the number of fractures encountered per unit length along a sample scanline oriented perpendicular to the fractures in a set. However, a common flaw in this approach is that even a small change in b can have a large effect on the response of the fracture frequency F parameter. Both power-law coefficient a and exponent b control the fracture aperture -frequency relationship in conjunction with each other; that is, power-laws with relatively low a coefficients have relatively high b exponents and vice versa.

Hence, any comparison of different power-laws must take both a and b into consideration. Rather, power-law "sensitivity factors" developed from both. This spacecraft concept provides all beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi, communication, telemetry, avionics, guidance and control, and thermal control for the observatory, and inserts the observatory into a halo orbit about the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point.

The multidisciplinary design team created a simple spacecraft design that enables component and science instrument servicing, employs articulating solar panels for help with momentum management, and provides precise pointing control while at the same time fast slewing for the observatory. Full k- space visualization of photoelectron diffraction.

The development of photoelectron holography has promoted the need for larger photoelectron diffraction data sets in order to improve the quality of real- space reconstructed images by suppressing transformational artifacts and distortions. The two main experimental and theoretical approaches to holography, the transform of angular distribution patterns for a coarse selection of energies or the transform of energy-scanned profiles for several directions, represent two limits to k- space sampling.

The high brightness of third-generation soft x-ray synchrotron sources provides beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi opportunity to rapidly measure large high-density x-ray photoelectron diffraction XPD data sets with approximately uniform k- space sampling.

In this abstract, the authors present such a photoelectron data set acquired for Cu 3p emission from Cu Cu is one of the most well-studied systems for understanding photoelectron diffraction structure and for testing photoelectron holography methods. Cu was chosen for this study in part due to the relatively inert and unreconstructed clean surface, and it served to calibrate and fine-tune the operation of a new synchrotron beamline, electron spectrometer and sample goniometer.

Distress detection, location, and communications using advanced space technology. This paper briefly introduces a concept for low-cost, global, day-night, all-weather disaster warning and assistance. Evolving, advanced space technology with passive radio frequency reflectors in conjunction with an imaging synthetic aperture radar is employed to detect, identify, locate, and provide passive communication with earth users in distress.

This beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi evolved from a broad NASA research on new beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file search and rescue techniques. Appropriate airborne radar test results from this research are reviewed and related to potential disaster applications.

The analysis indicates the approach has promise for disaster communications relative to floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and severe storms. Last results of technological developments for ultra-lightweight, large aperturedeployable mirror for space telescopes. The aim of this work is to describe the latest results of new technological concepts for Large Aperture Telescopes Technology LATT using thin deployable lightweight active mirrors. The aim is to evaluate the effective beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file of the long stroke smart-actuators used for the mirror control and to demonstrate the effectiveness and the reliability of the electrostatic locking EL system to restraint the thin shell on the mirror backup structure during launch.

The paper presents a comprehensive vision of the breadboard focusing on how the requirements have driven the design of the whole system and of the various subsystems. The manufacturing process of the thin shell is also presented. An efficient and novel computation method for simulating diffraction patterns from large-scale coded apertures on large-scale focal plane arrays. A novel and memory efficient method for computing diffraction patterns produced on large-scale focal planes by largescale Coded Apertures at wavelengths where diffraction effects are significant has been developed and tested.

The scheme, readily implementable on portable computers, overcomes the memory limitations of present state-of-the-art simulation codes such as Zemax. The method consists of first calculating a set of reference complex field amplitude and phase patterns on the focal plane produced by a single reference central hole, extending to twice the focal plane array size, with one such pattern for each Line-of-Sight LOS direction and wavelength in the scene, and with the pattern amplitude corresponding to the square-root of the spectral irradiance from each such LOS direction in the scene at selected wavelengths.

Next the set of reference patterns is transformed to generate pattern sets for other holes. The transformation consists of a translational pattern shift corresponding to each hole's position offset and an electrical phase shift corresponding to each hole's position offset and incoming radiance's direction and wavelength.

The set of complex patterns for each direction and wavelength is then summed coherently and squared for each detector to yield a set of power patterns unique for each direction and wavelength. Finally the set of power patterns is summed to produce the full waveband diffraction pattern from the scene. With this tool researchers can now efficiently simulate diffraction patterns produced from scenes by large-scale Coded Apertures onto large-scale focal plane arrays to support the development and optimization of coded aperture masks and image reconstruction algorithms.

Paraxial diffractive elements for space -variant linear transforms. Optical linear transform architectures bear good potential for future developments of very powerful hybrid vision systems and neural network classifiers.

The optical modules of such systems could be used as pre-processors to solve complex linear operations at very high speed in order to simplify an electronic data post-processing.

However, the applicability of linear optical architectures is strongly connected with the fundamental question of how to implement a specific linear transform by optical means and physical imitations.

The large majority of publications on this topic focusses on the optical implementation of space -invariant transforms by the well-known 4f-setup. Only few papers deal with approaches to implement selected space -variant transforms. In this paper, we propose a simple algebraic method to design diffractive elements for an optical architecture in order to realize arbitrary space -variant transforms.

The design procedure is based on a digital model of scalar, paraxial wave theory and leads to optimal element transmission functions within the model. Its computational and physical limitations are discussed in terms of complexity measures.

Finally, the design procedure is demonstrated by some research paper format mla. Firstly, diffractive elements for the realization of different rotation operations are computed and, secondly, a Hough transform element is presented.

The correct optical functions of the elements are proved in computer simulation experiments. Advanced SAR architectures enhances radar performance and opens a new set of capabilities in radar remote sensing. These new instruments employ multiple input-multiple output MIMO architectures characterized by multi-mode operation, software defined waveform generation, digital beamforming, and configurable radar parameters.

The instruments have been developed to support several disciplines in Earth and Planetary sciences. This paper describes the radars advanced features and report on the latest SAR processing and calibration efforts.

Capitalizing on a recent breakthrough in wavefront control theory for obscured apertures made by our group, we propose to demonstrate a method to achieve high contrast exoplanet imaging with on-axis obscured apertures.

We propose here an in-air demonstration at 1E- 7 contrast, enabled by adding a second deformable mirror to our current test-bed. This expansion of the scope of our current efforts in exoplanet imaging technologies will enabling us to demonstrate an integrated solution for wavefront control and starlight suppression on complex aperture geometries.

It is directly applicable at scales from moderate-cost exoplanet probe missions to the 2. Searching for nearby habitable worlds with direct imaging is one of the top scientific priorities established by the Astro Decadal Survey. Achieving this ambitious goal will require 1e contrast on a telescope large enough to provide angular resolution and sensitivity to planets around a significant sample of nearby stars. Such a mission must of course also be realized at an achievable cost.

At smaller scales, on-axis designs with secondary obscurations and supports are less challenging to fabricate and thus more affordable than the off-axis unobscured primary mirror designs. Math high school of compound parabolic concentrators and aperture averaging to mitigate fading on free- space optical links.

Free space optics FSO is one solution to the bandwidth bottleneck resulting from increased demand for broadband access. It is well known that atmospheric turbulence distorts the wavefront of a laser beam propagating through the atmosphere. This research investigates methods of reducing the effects of intensity scintillation and beam wander on the performance of free space optical communication systems, by characterizing system enhancement using either aperture averaging techniques or nonimaging optics.

Compound Parabolic Concentrators, nonimaging optics made famous by Winston and Welford, are inexpensive elements that may be easily integrated into intensity modulation-direct detection receivers to reduce fading caused by beam wander and spot breakup in the focal plane.

Aperture averaging provides a methodology to show the improvement of a given receiver aperture diameter in averaging out the optical scintillations over the received wavefront. Calibration and performance measurements for the nasa deep space network aperture enhancement project daep.

The electronics upgrades were driven by several different considerations, including parts obsolescence, cost reduction, improved reliability and maintainability, and capability to meet future performance requirements. These antennas are also required to support radio science missions with several spacecraft, which dictate some demanding requirements for spectral purity, amplitude stability and phase stability for both the uplink and downlink electronics.

After completion of these upgrades, a comprehensive campaign of tests and measurements took place to characterize the electronics and calibrate the antennas. Radiometric measurement techniques were applied to characterize, calibrate, and optimize the performance of the antenna parameters. These included optical and RF high-resolution holographic and total power radiometry techniques.

The methodology and techniques utilized for the measurement and calibration of the antennas is described in this paper. Lessons learned not all discussed in this paper from the commissioning of the first antenna DSS were applied to the commissioning of the second antenna DSS Given its very high angular resolution 15 mas nmsensitivity and performance stability, ATLAST-8m is capable of achieving breakthroughs in a online report writing service range of astrophysics including: Is there life elsewhere in the Galaxy?

An 8-meter UVOIR observatory has the performance required to detect habitability H2O, atmospheric column density and biosignatures O2, O3, CH4 in terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres, to reveal the underlying physics that drives star formation, and to trace the complex interactions between dark matter, galaxies, and intergalactic medium.

This paper presents a feasibility study of robotically constructing a very large aperture optical space telescope on-orbit. Since the largest engineering challenges are likely to reside in the design and assembly of the m diameter primary reflector, this preliminary study focuses on this component. The same technology developed for construction of the primary would then be readily used for the smaller optical structures secondary, tertiary, etc.

A reasonable set of ground and on-orbit loading scenarios are compiled from the literature and used to define the structural performance requirements and size the primary reflector. A surface precision analysis shows that active adjustment of the primary structure is required in order to meet stringent optical surface requirements.

Two potential actuation strategies are discussed along with potential actuation devices at the current state of the art. The finding of this research effort indicate that successful technology development combined with further analysis will likely enable such a telescope to be built in the future.

A lightweight, cryogenically capable, scalable, deformable mirror has been developed for space telescopes. This innovation makes use of polymer-based membrane mirror technology to enable large- aperture mirrors that can be easily launched and deployed. The key component of this innovation is a lightweight, large-stroke, cryogenic actuator array that combines the high degree of mirror figure control needed with a large actuator influence function.

The latter aspect of the innovation allows membrane mirror figure correction with a relatively low actuator density, preserving the lightweight attributes of the system. The principal components of this technology are lightweight, low-profile, high-stroke, cryogenic-capable piezoelectric actuators based on PMN-PT piezoelectric lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate single-crystal configured in a flextensional actuator format; high-quality, low-thermal-expansion polymer beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi mirror materials developed by NeXolve; and electrostatic coupling between the membrane mirror and the piezoelectric actuator assembly to minimize problems such as actuator print-through.

Results from a multi aperture Fizeau interferometer ground testbed: demonstrator for a essays on fight club space -based interferometer. This setup would be ultimately integrated into a CubeSat platform, therefore providing the first real demonstrator of a multi aperture Fizeau interferometer in space. In this paper, we describe the optical design of the ground testbed and the data processing pipeline implemented to reconstruct the object image from interferometric data.

As a scientific application, we measured dissertation library science Sun beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file by fitting a limb-darkening model to our data.

Finally, we present the design of a CubeSat platform carrying this miniature Fizeau interferometer, which could be used to monitor the Sun diameter over a long in-orbit period. Registered particles onboard identification in the various apertures of GAMMA space gamma-telescope. GAMMA Gamma Astronomical Multifunctional Modular Apparatus will be the gamma-telescope onboard international satellite gamma-observatory designed for particle registration in the wide energy band.

This article presents analysis of detected events identification procedures and energy resolution in three apertures provide particles registration both from upper and lateral directions based on GAMMA modeling due special designed software. The main aperture provides the best angular all beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file layers information analysis and energy energy deposition in the all detectors studying resolution in the energy range 0. Triggers in the main aperture will be formed using information about particle direction provided by time of flight system and presence of charged particle or backsplash signal formed according to beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis of energy deposition in combination of all two-layers anticoincidence systems individual detectors.

The additional aperture energy resolution provides due to. Technological developments for ultra-lightweight, large aperturedeployable mirror for space telescopes. The increasing interest on space telescopes for scientific applications leads to implement the manufacturing technology of the most critical element, i.

Aim of this paper is to present the latest developments on the main issues related to the fabrication of a breadboard, covering two project critical areas identified during the preliminary studies: the design and performances of the long-stroke actuators beamnrc imrt dissertation thesi to implement the mirror active control and the mirror survivability to launch via Electrostatic Locking EL between mirror and backplane.

The lightweight mirror is structured as a central sector surrounded by petals, all of them actively controlled to reach the specified shape after initial deployment and then maintained within specs for the entire mission duration. The presented study concerns: a testing the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic CFRP backplane manufacturing and EL techniques, with production of suitable specimens; b actuator design optimisation; c design of the deployment mechanism including a high precision latch; d the fabrication of thin mirrors mock-ups to validate the fabrication procedure for the large shells.

The current activity aims to the construction of an optical breadboard capable of demonstrating the achievement of all these coupled critical aspects: optical quality of the thin shell mirror surface, actuators performances and back-plane - EL subsystem functionality. The Advanced Technology Large Aperture Space Telescope ATLAST preliminary design concept consists of an 8 meter diameter monolithic primary mirror enclosed in an insulated, optical tube with stray light baffles and a sunshade.

The insulation on the optical tube and sunshade serve to cold bias the telescope which helps beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file minimize thermal gradients. The primary mirror will be maintained at K with an active thermal control system. A XX node model was executed in order to characterize the static performance and thermal stability of the mirror during maneuvers.

This is important because long exposure observations, such as extra-solar terrestrial planet finding and characterization, require a very stable observatory wave front. Steady state thermal analyses served to predict mirror temperatures for several different sun angles. Transient analyses were performed in order to predict thermal time constant of the primary mirror for a 20 degree slew or 30 degree roll maneuver.

Beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis

This paper describes the thermal model and provides details of the geometry, thermo-optical properties, and the environment which influences the thermal performance. All assumptions that were used in the analysis are also documented. Parametric analyses are summarized for design parameters including primary mirror coatings and sunshade configuration. Estimates of mirror heater power requirements are reported. The thermal model demonstrates results for the primary mirror heated from the back side and edges using a heater system with multiple independently controlled zones.

Active galactic nucleus and quasar science with aperture masking interferometry on the James Webb Space Telescope. Ford, K. However, AGNs extreme luminosities and the small angular size of their accretion flows create a challenging imaging problem. This is advantageous for studying complex extended accretion flows around SMBHs and in other areas of angular-resolution-limited astrophysics. Such images will test models of AGN feedback, fueling, and structure complementary with ALMA observationsand are not currently supported beamnrc imrt dissertation thesis output file any ground-based IR interferometer or telescope.

We also extrapolate our results to AGN science enabled by non-redundant masking on future 2. Low cost dissertation internet based instruction of space -borne synthectic aperture radar - MicroSAR. As the experimental systems have been realized and understood, so there has been a move to transfer these systems from the research and scientific domains into operational and commercial implementations.

The end of the cold war, combined with the ever increasingly competitive telecommunications market, have assisted in driving down the launch costs, a significant cost element in any space system budget. To take maximum benefit from this it is still necessary to be able to make light weight satellites, in the region of Kgs or less. Typically SAR satellites have been in the neighbourhood of 1.

In order to achieve the low cost systems, not only the satellite mass needs to be tackled but also several other factors:- Design complexity- Production costs- Performance- Calibration and verification A novel approach has been established to address all of these factors.

Developments are already in progress to prove the approach and that the low costs are achievable. This is called MicroSAR. English online homework help, - The help book essay. Through art criticism, people are able to understand the very purpose and role. The PhD was individual practice-led research, with only one research methods course and review in front of a jury every semester.

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